Creative Sparks aims to be the leading company in the design and development of user interfaces.
The company excels and leads to professionalism, innovation with focus on high quality of service for its customers.
The company’s vision is embedded in all departments, with an emphasis on a number of core values:
Striving for excellence and professionalism in writing quality code development,
Constantly striving for innovation in the field of web design alongside advanced user interfaces with focus on technology.

  • OVER 140 successful projects
  • OVER 500 000 HOURS working experience
  • MORE THAN 7000 USERS installed plugins developed by Creative Sparks
  • OVER 600 CLIENTS from all the world

Our Team

Sebin Thomas

The ship's captain

Sreeraj R

Mr. Code

Tomsin Thomas

The man behind the scenes


The Copywriter

Rijo Jhon

Digital Strategy Manager

Abey Selwin

Executive Consultant

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